Montag, 6. Januar 2014

your home is where your heart is and a part of mine will always be in Louisiana!


Today is a really special day for me, it has been one year since i left for my adventure in Louisiana! Exactly 365 days ago at night me and my friends sat in my room and talked about the six months will not be in Germany, at home. To be honest at this time I was so scared. I was scared of my host family, of my host sister, of the school and i was really worried about finding friends. And now, i actually wish i hadn't found friends at all, because then i wouldn't be in tears right now because i miss them so much lol.

I still remember when i started crying so bad in my mother's arms at the airport at January 6th right before i entered the plane, but that was not even half as bad my goodbye when i left America! I don't know... i didn't think it would be that hard, but now i has been 6 months since i am back home here in Germany and i still miss all these people so bad and if somebody offered me to go there for another year, I would! I think just exchange students can tell how this feeling is like, because it is not only like missing some persons or the fun you had, it is like missing home and knowing you probably won't be able to go back, and when you will come back one day maybe everything has changed. I really miss my second home and I am so scared people over there will forget me!

Seriously I cannot find any words to tell y'all how much i miss you and all the special things, you probably do not even now how special y'all are to me and how special some things you did were. I miss going shopping in walmart, even it is a kinda weird but we do not have any stores like walmart where you can have so much fun lol, i really miss driving around with your friends, because i loved the feeling about being able to go everywhere you want without asking your parents to pick you up and stuff, i miss cheerleaders, baseball, basketball, I even miss the teachers, because they are alot more personal and friendlier than the German teachers lol, i miss driving the yellow school bus and going to the mall! Can you see? All this things seem to be normal for you and you are probably doing them every day, but they have been so special for me, and i didn't know that i will miss them so much! But most of all I really miss the people, the people I met over there weren't just some random people for me, they became family! I still know how much i sometimes missed my german family when i was over there, but it was different I knew i will see them again soon, but I dont know when i will see the people over there again, maybe never. That that really makes me sad! I often think about that i should have spent more time with them insteat for example writing this blog or skyping with my german family lol...

I hope y'all know now that I haven't forgot about you! And i will never, because your home is where your heart is and a part of mine will always be in Louisiana! I one day I will come back and I will hopefully see y'all again. Thank you for the awesome time, without you it would not have been like that!

I really miss you, america became a part of me! Never forget that!

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Exchange Students

It is awkward when we are not the foreign kid anymore
When we go home
nor will they care about us being exchange student
For a month they might comment on it but our awesome stories will be forgotten to them,
we will fade in with the others at school.
Family gatherings might bring it up or the curious teacher,
but our eventful life will be forgotten
Except of us
The way we live life from the day we return is influenced by our host country,
with our self esteem boostet, confident amazing, humor wordly, and all barriers broken.
They may not see it but we will always be exchange students, 
kids who actually grew up and

Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2013

Welcome back to Germany

Just to let you guys know i got home! And I had nice greets at my house! It was a really long and hard day and now i am  really sleepy, but i will try to stay awake until it is night time over here so I will got over this jetlag as soon as possible... 
At the airport in Alec i ve cried soooooo bad and i was crying the whole flight from Alexandria to Atlanta long (2 hours) and then i calmed down at the airport with the help of some Starbucks and some candies, so i stopped crying and three hours later i was able to go on my plane... after 9 neverending hours i finally landed in Düsseldorf, and guess what! it was raining and when we landed I started crying again because i realized that i cannot go back by now anymore and i missed the super hot Louisiana weather! 
But i stopped crying when I saw one of my best friends waiting for me and when i hugged them all i started all over again but this time because i was so glad to be finally able to hug them all again!
And y'all can see in the picture what was waiting for me at home! 
I really need to rest some days until i am getting to school again and then i will txt y'all again, love ya! ♥

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

The last hours!

Okay that is not the video i was about to put, but it is a different one which mariah and me recorded yesterday because she has a video blog! I just wanted to post it because it tells you some things about exchange and so on, hopefully y'all like it !

It is 6 o' clock in the morning, in a few hours i am already on my plane... last nght was really hard our best friend slept over and mariah made a video for me (not the one above here another one which i wont put) and i started crying and crying and crying. I am super excited to come back now and i am really ready to go, but it breaks my heart leaving my family and best friends behind me. I am definitely gping to keep writing this blog even i dont know about what yet and hopefully the video gave you a lot information about exchange and y'all enjoyed watching it! 
All my backs are packed i am ready to go! Bye bye America, thank you for the most awesome time in my life, I will come back to see the most of the people here again, at least i will give my best! Thanks for all the people who made me feel like they knew me for years, who helped me to forget about homesickness and other problems. There are not enough words that could describe how much i am going to miss my hostmum and Mariah and my friends, i still need to recognize that i am probably wont see them for a long time and that i am seeing some of them for the last time today! When i am at the airport it is gonna be terribe, i am already crying right now in front of this computer because i am just thinking about leaving here...

Flashback, just a few of thousants of pictures i took in the last 6 months!
My best friend is right beside me but still asleep, i am probably going to wake her up right now so we can enjoy our last hours together before we are heading to the airport, i will post when i am in Germany how my flight was and so on! See y'all later from the other side of the world! A loooot of love, Kati! ♥

Montag, 10. Juni 2013

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard"

And my last weekend has passed ! :( I am so super sad and i dont wanna leave at all! All i actually did was getting ready, started saying Goodbye, buying souvenirs and gifts for my friends and family and preparing myself to get home. Oh and i went swimming again, with Linzey and Mariah and i finally bought all the stuff i still needed. Here some pictures from today at the pool:

My room is a big mess everything is on the floor and i just dont have no clue where to start packing all this stuff, and it really makes me sad that i already had to say goodbye to some friends who already went on vacation. Actually everything makes me sad, leaving these people and this country! But at the same time i am really glad to see my friends and family again!
Today we recorded some really funny videos in the car, i wanna edit them and then i am probably gonna upload them but i dont know when i am getting to do that because i still have so many stuff left to do over here so i am probably uploading it when i am already back in Germany. I will post soon, probably already from an other part of the world... love y'all

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Pooh

Samstag, 8. Juni 2013

5 Days

Just 5 more days in America ! :( and just 6 more days until I see my friends and family in Germany again. I think you need to experienced an exchange to know how I feel and how thousant of other exchange students whose wonderful time ends feel. It is really hard to leave all this behind you, but actually you dont have to because this exchange has changed your life. The friends you met here will probably be your friends forever and you found a second home in the world! It is the most awesome feeling!

Yesterday and today Mariah and me have been at Meagan's because she has a big pool and i wanted to get tan before i leave, and it actually works until i got sunburned... haha so i need to fix this sunburn because sitting hurts and i still need to sit a long time on the plane on my way to Germany! 
Today is Friday and so my last Weekend has started and it definitely has to be awesome! and then after this weekend the fun ends, I need to start packing and buy some stuff. I will tell you on sunday how my weekend was, but now it is late over here and I am gping to bed, goodnigh !                                   

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

The last Week has started!

Today is Wednesday and exactly in one week at the same time i am already in a plane on my way to Germany! Sometimes i think about why I did that, why did i come here? Because actually an exchange is a stupid idea, you come here alone and you will find friends and a family and in the end you have to leave them? So actually the whole thing will make you sad at the end. So i seriously wondered the last few days if it was really worth everything, of course i had a wonderful time, honestly the best time of my life but is that worth the feeling i have right now, this feeling to leave everybody? I am really sad, but when i think more about it it becomes pretty clear, coming here was the best decision i ever made, alone the experience i got here is worth everything. And i found friends i will keep in contact my whole life. Even the next week and especially next Wednesday will probably be very hard it is still worth it! I would always do that again and I can advise everybody to apply to an exchange program! Like many exchange student say, It is not only a year in your life, it is your life in a year!
I will post soon and probably every day this week! Love y'all ♥

Achja und ich bin gerade dabei die Playlist ein wenig zu bearbeiten ich werde ein paar Lieder einfügen die sich um Abschiede handeln um das ganze ein wenig tragischer zu machen, hahaha :D
Zu dem Lied called graduation Song, hab ich so lange angehört und nur geweint weil es so passte, dann hab ich es meiner Gastschwester und meinem besten Freund gezeigt die dann einfach nur mit mir geweint haben... (okay my German is so bad I will keep writing in English! )

Montag, 3. Juni 2013

The city where the people get crazy - New Orleans !

The city I went to this weekend is the biggest city in Louisiana, New Orleans is known for crazy people, mardi gras and music! After a 4-hour drive we finally arrived there and we saw this awesome skyline of New Orleans ! We have seen so much and i ve taken so many pictures that i dont even know where to start telling y'all about and what pictures i should put here...

Yeah, the first thing we saw in New Orlean was alot of fish. Because we went to the 'Aquarium of the Americas'. It was really awesome and i took a bunch of pictures but when i looked at them at home i had to figure out that the most of them are pretty bad because you werent allowed to use your flashlight and that is why most of the pistures were indistinct. But in the end i ve found two to post !

Then we finally could check in to our hotel, and after we all took a good nap we went to Bourbon Street. It is a street where alot of crazy people are, it is where all the clubs are at and where the people go at night time to party. And it was really fun, and i definitely know now why everybodyy says the people in New Orleans are crazy! After we walked along the street, got into some stores and get to know how the poeple here are like we went to a really, really good restaurant! A seafood restaurant, i don't know if i have ever told y'all that but Louisiana is known for their seafood, and i can tell it is really good! And guess what!? I ve tried Aligator! And I liked it, it was actually really good!

After a good breakfast at the hotel at the next day we went to the french quater, we looked around and walked along the river and got to a market and shopped a bit, but the real shopping part (for what i was looking forward the whole time) came after that when we went to the Lakeside Shopping Centre! It is the biggest mall i have ever been to. Unfortunately we didnt have so much time becaause we still had to drive all the way back to Alec, but i still could go shopping and spend some money ! ;)

It was really an awesome weekend and there are just 9 days left! I really dont wanna leave this country i have fallen in love with everything here, except of these country music, camouflage and rednecks, hahahaha...     I will post whenever I can, but as soon as possible! ♥

Freitag, 31. Mai 2013

Louisiana Sun

Yes, that's actually all i did the last few days ! Laying at the pool trying to get tan but not sunburned and just having fun with my best friends ! No words how much i love them all!

It is freaking me out that i am so white compared to all the others haha, but i got tan that day !

Yea i am pretty proud of myself because i posted everyday the last 3 days, and now i am not sure if i can keep doing that, because tomorrow i am probably not home and I don't know yet if i have time tomorrow night to post about my day. And then Saturday morning we are gonna leave early to go to NEW ORLENS! I am so excited and i am pretty sure i wont have any time to post while i am there, probably at night when we are at the hotel room and they have some free Wifi. But i promise i will post a bunch of pictures on Monday or tuesday after i came back! See y'all ♥

Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013

Facts about america

  • 'All Americans are fat' this prejudice is actually true. Not every American is fat but in the average they are alot fatter than people in other countries
  • Most of the American have iPhones !
  • The traffic lights are on the other side of the street
  •  Americans think that the cars in Germany are driving on the other side of the street
  •  Almost all candy bars have another peanut butter- version
  • In Louisiana everybody is crazy about crawfish
  • teacher here don't care about the class and do not teach at all
  • the street and the traffic is confusing!
  • the cars are all automatic and so alot easier to drive
  • the air conditioner are everywhere and even it is freaking hot outside you are freezing inside !
  • americans drink her soda with ice even in winter
  • american Tv sucks !
  • Americans eat alot! Three warm meal a day are normal
  • Many Americans are really religious much more than we are used to be in Germany 
  • Americans never use a bike or walk they even use the car to go to their post box
  • most of the streets here glow in the dark, that is pretty cool !
I probably gonna add some more later on !